Food – Steamboat Vegan Soup Set (Min 4 pax, order 2 days in advance)

  • All food catering needs to order 2 days before arrival. We unable accommodate for last minute booking.
  • Guest required note down Booking ID, email and check in date for easy track back
  • Guest required to tidy up and wash all the containers and used cutleries after having the meal.

Food – Steamboat Vegan Soup Set (Min 4 pax)

Comes with 1 Steamboat Stove and 2 Gas Cannister

Per Pax food quantity:

Jagung  x 4

Japanese Tofu x 2

Fried Bean Curb x 4 pieces

Ring Roll x 1 Pieces

Frozen Tofu x 2

Oyster Mushroom x 4

Mushroom x 3

Vegan Balls x 3

Straw Mushroom x 4

Enoki Mushroom x 1

Jagung Corn x 4

Maggie Noodle. x 1

Yao Mak

Chinese Cabbage


RM50 / Per Instance / Per Accommodation