We know all your wishes and want to serve you the best in our Hotel! That’s why you can explore the world – underwater life and the sky easily joining any of the activities and getting unforgettable moments.

Ice Cube pack (pre-order 2 days before arrival)

Price: RM20 / Per Instance / Per Accommodation

Want to add some icing to your drinks during your stays at Hillside ? Now you can preorder our ice cubes pack and ready it when you arrive at Hillside.

BBQ Pit Service Charge

Price: RM20 / Per Instance / Per Accommodation

Rental and cleaning charges for BBQ Pit (cleaning fees for mesh and site), only applicable when you bring your own food, and request to use of the BBQ pit

Charcoal & Fire Starter

Price: RM20 / Per Instance / Per Accommodation

Charcoal 3kg & Fire Starter 5pcs

Gas Canister

Price: RM8 / Per Instance / Per Accommodation

Gas Canister

Hillside BBQ Set (Min 4pax)

Price: RM45 / Per Instance / Per Accommodation

Hillside BBQ Set, RM45 per pax, minimum 4 pax

Steamboat Chicken Soup (Min 4pax)

Price: RM40 / Per Instance / Per Accommodation

Steamboat Chicken Soup, RM40 per pax, minimum 4 pax

Platform (only for Bring Own Tent guest)

Price: RM20 / Per Day / Per Accommodation

Platform @ RM20 per set (Raise up platform from ground for tent)

Camping Adds On – Comfort Package inside the camping tent

Price: RM60 / Per Day / Per Accommodation

Comfort Package (Cosy Air Bed with clean bed sheet + 2 Pillows + Blanket) @ RM60/set & per night Guest can turn the camping tent into  glamping where an air bed with clean linen will be install in the camping tent, comes with 2 pillow and a queens size blanket.

Hillside Event Equipment For Rent

Price: RM500 / Per Instance / Per Accommodation

Event Equipment for Rent • RM500/day • Includes Power Amp/Outdoor Projector WXGA /2 outdoor speakers/ 2 wireless mics / HDMI connection 

Hillside Jeep Service Round Trip

Price: RM180 / Once / Per Accommodation

Jeep Service – RM 180 per round trip, pick up and drop point at Botanical Garden